Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Energy independent temperature sensor with fiber optic interface for application in agriculture
Yanka Ivanova, Svetoslav Ivanov, Rosen Bozhilov
Abstract: In this paper, a sensor device for remote temperature measurement with the possibility of application in greenhouses and animal farms is proposed and investigated. The application of an intelligent sensor for measuring temperature with a digital output signal, powered by a rechargeable battery, which is charged by a photovoltaic panel, has been investigated. The main parameters of the fiber optic interface implemented with a polymer optical fiber for remote transmission of data from the sensor output have been investigated. The accuracy of the measured temperature in accordance with the received data from the optical receiver has been investigated. The effect of changing the supply voltage for the sensor and the optical receiver powered by a rechargeable battery during around the clock operation has been investigated.
Keywords: energy independent sensor; fiber optic interface; solar battery charger
Date published: 2023-10-20
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