Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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From the beginning of 1995 the Agricultural Academy in Bulgaria is publishing Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science® (BJAS) - the first agricultural scientific journal in Bulgaria for fundamental and applied researches, published entirely in English language, and one of the few such journals in Central Europe.
Bulgaria is an agricultural country with traditions and long standing experience in the development of agrarian science and production. BJAS, written in English, in accordance with international standards, provides possibilities for Bulgarian agricultural science to enter adequately into the worlds scientific field, to find its place in reviews, abstracts and electronic means for processing and transfer of scientific information. BJAS publishes articles from countries all over the world. The Editorial board of the journal includes prominent scholars from United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, Greece, Bulgaria and other countries.



The Journal

Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science® is a scientific journal published by the Agricultural Academy in Bulgaria with Editor-in-Chief Prof. Dr. Maya Ignatova.
The journal includes 6 issues per year.
BJAS's SJR (Scopus) for 2016 – 0.223

  The journal is ESCI indexed (Web of Science)


ISSN 1310-0351 - print

ISSN 2534-983X - online



The Journal covers basic and applied researches in the field of agriculture including Plant Science, Animal Science, Genetics, Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Economics, Agrochemisty and Soil Science, Ecology, Food, Science and Technologies, Veterinary Medicine and other natural sciences connected with agriculture and articles in the field of Sustainable agriculture, environmental protection and Earth Sciences. The Journal publishes full-length papers, short communications and reviews. Papers may originate from countries all over the world.
Research papers. All work presented should have as it aim the development of agriculture concepts rather than the mere recording of facts. Preliminary, confirmatory or inconclusive work will not be published. Fragmentation of research into the “least publishable unit” is discouraged.
Research papers may be any length that is justified by their content. However, because of pressure for space in the journal, no paper will be accepted if it exceeds the minimum length required for precision in describing the experiments and clarity in interpreting them.
Short communications papers bringing particularly novel and significant findings will be published.
Reviews will be considered for publication. Prospective writers of reviews should first consult the Editor-in-chief and should enclose a short summary of the area they propose to cover.