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Ultrasonographic study of the plantar region of the hindlimb in a pure breed Catalan donkey
Pеre Miquel Parés-Casanova and Laura Junquera-Muñoz
Abstract: Although some studies of morphometric measurements by ultrasound in asses have been reported, few surveys of the measurements and proportions of plantar flexor tendons in the metatarsal region of donkeys are available in the literature.
Topographic anatomy of the tendons and ligaments in healthy cases provides a normal atlas to diagnose abnormalities. The aim of this study was to provide the normal anatomy (thickness) of the digital flexors using diagnostic ultrasound and in standing the position in a pure Catalan breed. For this goal we obtained echographic planto-dorsal views of 8 adult animals belonging to this breed and thickness of superficial and deep tendons and distal accessory ligament (“check ligament”) on 3 levels on the metapode. Plantar tendons were divided into three levels from proximal to distal metatarsus. There appeared no differences between levels. Values for these tendons are reported. Deep tendon was the stronger, while superficial tendon was comparatively weaker. Our findings should be considered for clinical evaluation of this donkey breed.
Keywords: echography; Equus asinus; ligaments; Raça Asinina Catalana; tendon anatomy
Date published: 2021-06-09
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