Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Effects of Particle Length on Alfalfa Baled Silage Quality and Color under Different Storage Conditions
E. Gonulol, F. Toruk
Abstract: The aim of the research was to determine effects of particle length on bale silage quality under different storage conditions. Field trial was done with two particle length (4-cm and 8-cm). Bales were formed using an Orkel GP model 1260 silage baler after the alfalfa dried to the approximate desired moisture content. Bales were kept under open air; semi closed and closed storage condition. Silage quality of all samples was determined after storage period. Dry matter (DM), pH, crude cellulose, (CC), ash, crude protein (CP), acetic acid (AA) and lactic acid contents (LA) were evaluated as silage quality parameters. Results of the chemical analysis of silages were found significant influence of storage conditions and particle length on bale silage quality. Silage color values were also measured in this research. According to results, silage quality was changed to be strongly dependent on particle length (*P<0.05). The best silage quality and desired silage color were obtained from the bales in particle length of 8 cm stored under closed storage.
Keywords: Alfalfa silage; particle length; silage color; silage quality; Storage conditions
Date published: 2019-10-16
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