Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Indicators of a finger device for feeding sesame stems into harvesting machine
Rangel Zaykov, Stoyan Ishpekov, Nayden Naydenov
Abstract: At the Agricultural University – Plovdiv (Bulgaria) was developed a new device for feeding sesame stems in a harvesting machine. The aim of the study is to determine the main indicators of the device when working with non-dehiscent sesame varieties. The results indicate that the device achieves the minimum seed spillage on the soil surface of 2.5% when the kinematic coefficient of feed chains is 1.33 and the forward speed is 0.63 m/s. The increase of the forward speed from 0.63 m/s to 1.33 m/s leads to grow of device productivity from 1.59 to 3.35 ha/h for each harvested row. Simultaneously, the percentage of spilled seeds of Nevena variety increases with 70%, although the kinematic coefficient remains constant. The device causes 3.4 times less seed spillage than the Wintersteiger spot harvester at harvesting sesame genotype 23 with a seed moisture content of 8.5% and equal kinematic coefficients and forward speeds.
Keywords: harvesting; mechanisation; sesame
Date published: 2019-07-31
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