Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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A. Hristoskov, S. Kostadinova, A. Samodova, St. Kalinova
Abstract: A field trial was carried out during 2007-2010 in the Experimental Station of Irrigation Agriculture – Pazardzik. The effect of new foliar products on the wheat grain yield and efficiency of nitrogen was investigated. Biostimulant Amalgerol containing extract of algae, herbs and plant oils, and five foliar fertilizes (Cereal mix, Foliar extra, Vertex HI-N 34, Potassium thiosulfate,
Hi-Phos) were studied. The experimental design consisted of fully randomized block design with four replications. The studied treatments were: 1. Control (Untreated and unfertilized); 2. Background (Acurate 60WG – 10 g.ha-1 and Imact 25SC - 500 ml.ha-1) 3. Amalgerol; 4. Amalgerol+Cereal mix; 5. Cereal mix; 6. Foliar extra; 7. Vertex HI-N; 8. KTS; 9. Hi-Phos. It was established that the foliar products Amalgerol+Cereal mix, Foliar extra and KTS were the most effective for grain yield of wheat - the increasing of yield compared to untreated control was by 39.3, 38.1 and 36.2%, respectively. Foliar fertilizer HiPhos showed higher positive effect on the wheat productivity under unfavorable meteorological conditions. The studied foliar products Amalgerol, Cereal mix, Foliar extra, Vertex HI-N 34, KTS and Hi-Phos had a positive effect on the values of PFPN and AEN. The integration of soil fertilization 120 kg N.ha-1 with foliar top dressing in phase end of tillering - beginning of stem elongation with Amalgerol+Cereal mix, Foliar extra and KTS leaded to productivity of 1 kg nitrogen 46-50 kg wheat grain and nearly twice as high agronomic efficiency of nitrogen 12-16 kg.kg-1.
Keywords: foliar fertilizers; nitrogen effciency; wheat
Date published: 2017-09-15
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