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Quality of lamb musculus Semimembranosus meat in relation to cold storage duration
Nikolay Ivanovorcid, Stayka Lalevaorcid, Теоdora Аngelovaorcid, Ivan G. Penchevorcid
Abstract: The aim of the present study was to analyse the chemical composition and technological properties of lamb meat musculus Semimembranosus (SM) by the 24th h post-slaughter and after 7 days of cold storage at 0-4°С. The meat was obtained from Bulgarian Synthetic Dairy Population lambs (I group, control), and F1 crosses of BDSP with Ile-de-France (II group) and Mouton Charollais (III group) breeds. The slaughter live weight of animals was 22-23 kg. The tenderness of SM from crosses with Ile-de-France was statistically significantly higher compared to that of control group (Р≤0.01), after 24-hour storage at 0-4°С. The fat content of SM from group III was by 12.39% lower than that of control lambs (Р≤0.05). The pH values of SM were lower 24 h after slaughter compared to those after 7 days of cold storage in the three groups of animals (Р≤0.05). The water holding capacity by the 24th post-slaughter hour in crosses with Ile-de-France and Mouton Charollais was better than that on the 7th day of cold storage (Р≤0.05). Also, the water absorption capacity in distilled water and saline after 24 h of cold storage exceeded the values measured on the 7th day of storage in the three studied groups (Р≤0.05). Cooking loss percentages on the 24th hour post-slaughter were higher in control lambs (Р≤0.01) and in group III (Р≤0.05), compared to values after 7 days of cold storage. Seven days after slaughter, the SM tenderness was better than that on the 24th hour in control lambs (Р≤0.01) and crosses with Mouton Charollais (Р≤0.05).
Keywords: chilled lamb meat quality; m. Semimembranosus; meat breeds
Citation: Ivanov, N., Laleva, S., Аngelova, T. & Penchev, I. G. (2024). Quality of lamb musculus Semimembranosus meat in relation to cold storage duration. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 30(1), 163–169.
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Date published: 2024-02-26
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