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Development of plant genetic resources collections and associated passport information through bilateral projects between Bulgaria and China
Nikolaya Velchevaorcid
Abstract: The geographical latitude, climate and agro-ecological conditions, as well as the agricultural production of Bulgaria are similar to some of the regions of Northern China. In this context, the exchange of plant genetic resources and associated information between the two countries could assist in achieving the sustainable development common goal and respond to global climate challenges. This is the reason for the successful applicability of the achieved scientific results from joint research projects in the area of plant diversity preservation with a potential to create innovations being a donor of valuable traits for crop breeding of new varieties such as high yield, improved biological qualities and resistance. The aim of the study is to evaluate the enrichment of collections through passport information in the National register of plant genetic resources and identifying new priorities for cooperation as digitalization. Since 2007 through the implementation of six bilateral projects, over 25 expeditions in rural areas of Bulgaria were conducted. Cooperation networks of scientists between the two partner countries were created, too. 1149 accessions of local plant genetic resources from cereals, grain legumes, vegetables, medical and aromatic species were collected and exchanged with a view to their long-term conservation in Bulgarian and Chinese genebanks and sustainable use. During the period 1982-2013 the Bulgarian genebank has been enriched with 231 accessions through international free germplasm exchange from three research organizations of the People's Republic of China, of which 133 are characterized with Chinese origin. The development of collections in Bulgarian genebank represents diverse genetic material, well documented and stored for present and future generations.
Keywords: collecting missions; international collaboration; introduction; passport database; plant diversity; rural areas; sustainable agriculture
Citation: Velcheva, N. (2024). Development of plant genetic resources’ collections and associated passport information through bilateral projects between Bulgaria and China. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 30(1), 51–56.
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Date published: 2024-02-26
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