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Biologically active and trans fatty acids in cows milk and Bulgarian kashkaval
Silviya Ivanova, Pavel Tododrov, Atanaska Zgurova, Tsonka Odzhakova
Abstract: Cow's milk and dairy products are the primary sources of CLA. Essential fatty acids from groups of ω-3 and ω-6 are a vital component of nutrition for humans and animals.
This study aims to identify biologically active and anticancer components in cow's milk and changes in the production of Bulgarian kaskaval.
Saturated fatty acids are increased in the produced Bulgarian kashkaval compared to the original milk reliable during the period considered (P<0.01). Saturated fatty acids in Bulgarian kashkaval production increased due to oxidation processes of technological nature at the expense of polyunsaturated fatty acids.
Trans vaccenic acid in milk during the considered period accumulates (P<0.001) and reaches its maximum value on May - 2.64 g/100g of fat, and the examined kashkavals were characterized by the same change curve, but with high reliability of the results between batches April/ May and April/June - P<0.001.
The CLA content in cow's milk varies and, at the end of the period, decreases during the lactation, similarly establishing variation in Bulgarian kashkaval, but due to the process of evaporating, it decreased between 2 and 5 times from Bulgarian kashkaval to cow's milk.
Essential fatty acids also reduce the impact of technological processing. The ratio between the two groups of biologically active fatty acids in milk varies from 2.60 to 3.47 and decreases from 3.25 to 2.40 in manufactured Bulgarian kashkaval.
Keywords: Bulgarian kashkaval; CLA, omega-3; cows milk; omega-6
Citation: Ivanova, S., Tododrov, P., Zgurova, A. & Odzhakova, Ts. (2023). Biologically active and trans fatty acids in cow’s milk and Bulgarian kashkaval. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 29(6), 1181–1185.
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Date published: 2023-12-15
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