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Production performance of laying hens crossed between Choi and Luong Phuong chickens
Tu Trung Kien, Tu Quang Hien, Vu Hoai Son, Tu Quang Trung
Abstract: The purpose of the experiment was to evaluate the production performance of laying hens crossed between Choi and Luong Phuong (LP) chickens. The experiment consisted of four treatments (T), including treatment 1 (T1): pure LP hens, T2: pure Choi hens, T3: crossbred hens F1 (♂ Choi x ♀ LP), abbreviated as F1 (CxLP) and T4: crossbred hens F1 (♂LP x ♀Choi), abbreviated as F1 (LPxC). Each treatment had 14 hens with 5 replicates. Treatments 1 and 2 were arranged to compare the results of the crosses (T3 and T4) with their parents (T1 and T2). The experiment was carried out in 40 weeks from the first egg laying week of each treatment. The hens of the treatments were fed libitum, according to the standards of colored egg laying hens with the same commercial complete compound feed, which had 2750 kcal/ kg and 17% protein. The care regimen was the same for all 4 treatments. Research results show that the F1 (CxLP) and F1 (LPxC) hens had first egg laying age of 174 and 181 days, the laying rates of 45.35 and 42.15%, the egg yield/ hen/ 40 weeks of 127 and 118 eggs, egg mass/hen/40 weeks of 6.60 and 5.89 kg, feed conversion ratio for 1 kg of eggs reaching 5.30 and 5.94 kg, respectively. The above parameters of F1 (CxLP) and F1 (LPxC) hens were inferior to those of LP hens but much better than those of Choi hens and these parameters of the F1 (CxLP) hens were better than F1 (LPxC) hens.
Keywords: Choi hens; crossbred hens; Luong Phuong hens; production performance
Date published: 2023-10-23
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