Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Interdependence between actors in the system and their role in increasing the performance of agribusiness in Albania in focus Olive branch
Eglantina Pazajorcid
Abstract: After 1990, olive factories were built mainly by family entities, near olive groves as a necessity for olive oil processing. The district of Vlora, Fier, Berat, Saranda, Delvina, Tirana, etc. mainly concentrated on olive factories. Firms operate mostly within the country. The products are sold in the local or regional market. Few companies have managed to gain access to international markets and export. The factories claim that they produce with high quality and technology, but the products do not meet the necessary standards to be exported by all firms. Most of the factories operate with old technology, but even the few factories that have modern technology in our country, carry out the processing process within 5-6 hours, increasing the acidity of the oil, while the processing must be done within 2-3 hours so that the oil does not contain too much acidity. But in order to be processed at the right time, the olive must reach the agro-processor at the right time, but this does not happen for many factors, thus reflecting a dysfunction of interdependence between the actors in the three links of the agribusiness system.
Keywords: agribusiness system; interdependence between actors in the system; olive factory; processing
Date published: 2023-10-20
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