Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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The reproductive performances of Garut ewes at first lambing fed diet different protein and energy balances
Iman Hernaman, Budi Ayuningsih, Tidi Dhalika, Kurnia A. Kamil, Diky Ramdani, Nova Nur Afnita, Nurcholidah Solihati, Dwi Cipto Budinuryanto, Fransiskus Teguh Santoso
Abstract: This study aims to determine the effect of protein and energy balance in the diet on the reproductive performance at the first lambing of Garut ewes. A completely randomized design was used to test 3 different diet treatments for Garut ewes containing various crude protein (CP) and total digestible nutrients (TDN) balances, namely GC1 (12.0% CP and 57.0% TDN), GC2 (12.8% CP and 61.7% TDN), and GC3 (13.7% CP and 66.5% TDN). This study involved 29 heads of Garut ewes, aged 20-22 months, with an average body weight of 30.52±2.20 kg. The collected data were analysed by Duncan’s multiple range test. The results showed that different CP and TDN balances in the diet had a significant effect (P < 0.01) on post-partum body weight, CP intake and TDN intake of Garut ewes at first lambing where GC3-treated ewes produced the significantly highest post-partum body weight (40.0 kg), CP intake (114.7 g) and TDN intake (601.7 g). GC3-treated ewes produced more twin lambs with an average lamb crop 1.90. It is suggested that Garut ewes at first lambing to consume a diet containing 13.7% CP
and 66.5% TDN balance to increase their post-partum body weights and produced more twin lambs.
Keywords: first lambing; Garut ewes; protein and energy balance; reproductive performance
Date published: 2023-06-28
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