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Increasing the efficiency of mineral fertilizers by their biological modification
Sergey V. Mitrofanov, Nadezhda V. Orlova, Dmitriy A. Blagov, Vladimir S.Teterin, Nikolay S. Panferov and Mariya M. Varfolomeeva
Abstract: The article presents the results of a study of the efficiency of biomodified mineral fertilizers. Field experiments were carried out in 2021 in Ryazan region of the Russian Federation on dark gray forest soil. The object of the research was early maturing sunflower variety Aley. The scheme of the experiment included four variants: the control (without fertilizers); fertilizer mixture (N65P45K65); N65P45K65 treated with a working solution of Lignohumate AM, PEG 400 and water (N65P45K65 + HumL); N65P45K65treated with a working solution of Ecorost AM humate and PEG 400 (N65P45K65 + HumEc). The results of the experiment showed that the use of mineral fertilizers treated with humic preparations had a significant impact on the dynamics of the vegetative weight of sunflower plants. The excess of the air-dry weight of the experimental variants over the control was 19% for N65P45K65 + HumEc and 18.4% for N65P45K65 + HumL. In addition, there was a significant increase in the average diameter of the sunflowers – by 19.3% and 27.6%, respectively. The pre-sowing application of N65P45K65 also contributed to an increase in the weight of achenes by 26.9%, N65P45K65 + HumEc caused 33.9% increase and N65P45K65 + HumL had 37.1% increase. The largest weight of 1000 seeds was established on the variant with a fertilizer mixture biomodified with humic preparation Ecorost and PEG 400. The excess over the control variant was 16.1%. Experimental variants increased the biological yield of Aley sunflower. The introduction of N65P45K65 provided an increase in yield by 9.4 dt/ha (32.6%). On the variants with mineral fertilizers modified with humic preparations and PEG 400, the gains relative to the control were approximately equal: N65P45K65 + HumEc – 43.8%, N65P45K65 + HumL – 44.8%.
Keywords: biomodified fertilizers; humic preparations; phenological and growth manifestations; seed productivity; seed quality; sunflower
Date published: 2023-02-23
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