Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Agricultural waste processing technology and its relationship with the organic products industry
Aleksander Agapkin, Irina Makhotina, Vasiliy Karagodin, Aleksandra Utkina, Sergei Kalachev and Assel Izembayeva
Abstract: In Russia, the total amount of agricultural waste reaches 630-650 million tons annually. This waste, on the one hand, creates serious environmental and sanitary problems, almost half of this waste is manure (approximately 300 million tons), on the other hand, it is valuable raw material for the production of organic fertilizers. The state of the problem of processing agricultural waste as a newly emerging industry for the disposal of such waste in conjunction with the development of the industry for the production of organic products and the market for organic fertilizers is considered and solutions are proposed. Information on the legislative support of the organic farming industry and the production of organic fertilizers is presented. Specific measures are proposed to stimulate the development of the industry of processing waste into organic fertilizers and the industry of producing organic products. The growth of the Russian market for organic products since 2010 has been approximately 10% per year, in 2015–2016 the growth was approximately 4%, in 2017–2019 the situation with the development of organic products has recovered, and now there is a steady growth of 8–10% per year. Special attention is paid to priority technologies for processing waste into organic fertilizers, designs based on turbo-vortex shredding and drying machines for the production of highly concentrated dry finely dispersed organic fertilizers and designs based on aeration reactors (biotrenches) for use in large-scale production are considered.
Keywords: agricultural waste; animal manure; environment; organic farming; organic fertilizers; organic production; waste processing
Date published: 2023-02-23
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