Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Prof. Yanko Aleksandrov
Abstract: In this paper are reviewed several solutions for panel walls and panel connections, representing a part of the enclosing structure of the chambers of fruit storehouses, which are often subject to hits coming from various sources, including during extreme situations. The solutions represent patented inventions, representing an integral part of the dissertation of the author [1].
- BG 401 (Y1) - “Connection between panels”; This solution integrates an elastic protective screen, which can be dismounted in case of premature runout; the hits produced by root fruits and vegetables, stored in bulk are absorbed by the screen, which is suspended over pins, which transfer the energy of the hits to the bearing construction of the wall panels.
- BG 62742 (B1) - “Wall panel”; the hit absorption is ensured with the help of elastic screens and coverings, suspended and connected to the sides of the panel.
- BG 63218 (B1) - “Multilayer panel with impact - protection and connection between panels.” The covering of the panels is made of elastic materials and it integrates star-shaped elements, which are inserted into the surface layers of the panel.
Membranes, stretched over tensegrity-structures are able to offer protection against harmful impact, e.g. acid rain, volcanic ash, overheating, etc., whereas the refrigerators for fruits and vegetables are situated under these membranes.
The membranes are made of transparent materials, e.g. polyketone, reinforced by carbon fiber, whereas the hothouse effect occurring beneath them can be used to maintain positive temperatures inside the chambers of the refrigerators for fruits and vegetables. Additional protection against premature runout of the external covering of the enclosing structure is ensured by transparent protective membranes. Positive temperature inside of the chambers of the refrigerators is a result of the use of solar energy. The protection of the refrigerators for fruits and vegetables with transparent membranes is especially important in case of extreme situations of various origin.
Keywords: fruits; patents.; protection; refrigerators; vegetables; walls
Date published: 2017-02-28
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