Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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The impact of soil compaction with different harvest technologies caused by agricultural machinery
Kamil Roman, Anita Konieczna, Michał Roman, Andrzej Oleksy and Arkadiusz Niedziółka
Abstract: The article presents the results of studies that characterized the percentage share of compacted area by the usage of agricultural machinery. Analysis was made for cultivation technology of corn for silage, sugar beet and meadow grasses. Research focused on statistical analysis of technological cards data. Technological cards are describing the different agricultural practices of harvest technologies. The analyzed data contained the information about corn for silage (K), sugar beet (BC) and meadow grasses (T) harvest technologies. Technological data covered 24 farms that were specified by area of below and above 5 hectares. The results showed that the area which was under the pressure of the agricultural machinery wheels for the most part exceeded the area of annual cultivation. The greatest pressure of the wheels was noted for technology covering the meadow grass cultivation on the area below 5 ha. For this technology, the percentage of the pressed field area was more than 500%. Technologies belonging to the least invasive cultivation was one-step sugar beet harvest on the field area over 5 hectares.
Keywords: corn for silage; field compaction; harvest technologies; meadow grasses; sugar beet
Date published: 2022-06-16
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