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The effectiveness of the use of biological preparations in the production of potatoes
Irina Gazdanova, Fatima Gerieva and Timur Morgoev
Abstract: The use of biological preparations in the protection of agricultural plants from diseases is of great importance. This issue is especially relevant in the production of potatoes. The development of new science-based plant protection technologies should combine the effectiveness of protective measures and the interests of human health safety, as well as the absence of damage to the environment. In modern agricultural production promising preparations based on various subspecies of spore-forming bacteria are widely used together with traditional chemical plant protection products. The aim of the study was to determine the effectiveness of the use of biological preparations of Kartofin (based on the Bacillus subtilis strain I5-12/23) and BisolbiSan, (based on the Bacillus subtilis strain h-13) according to the following indicators: – germination of tubers, plant growth and development, prevalence and development of diseases on plants, crop weight and its marketability. Records and observations were carried out according to the generally accepted methods described in the following manuals: “Methodology of held trial”; “ Methodological guidelines for conducting registration tests of agrochemicals and plant growth regulators” . Educational and methodological guidelines for conducting research in agronomy”. The results of the studies showed that pre- planting treatment of seed tubers with Kartofin and BisolbiSan biologics had a positive effect on the germination of potato tubers, increasing it by 6.3 – 8.7% compared to the control. Under field conditions they showed high biological effectiveness against pathogens of fungal diseases of potatoes: late blight, Rhizoctonia blight (from 37.5% to 100%). Accounting for the total yield showed that the highest yield indicators were noted on the variant with the use of the biological preparation BisolbiSan – 38.4 t/ha (20.5% higher than the control variant).
Keywords: biofungicide; BisolbiSan (Bacillus subtilis H-13); Kartofin (Bacillus subtilis I5-12/23); organic farmin; productivity; protection from diseases
Date published: 2022-03-11
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