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Effects of some products for foliar application on the productivity and essential oil content in lavender (Lavandula angustifolia Mill.)
Nedyalka Yordanova, Tsveta Moskova, Mladen Almaliev, Vanya Delibaltova, Violeta Valcheva and Miroslav Tityanov
Abstract: The experiment was conducted in the period 2018-2020 in the region of Razgrad, the land of Osenets village, Northeastern Bulgaria on soil type Chernozem and an experimental area of 500 m2 in four replications with lavender variety Sevtopolis.
The following foliar fertilizers and biostimulators were included in the study at the respective rates: Variant 1 – Fertigrain foliar – 1.5 l/ha, Variant 2 – Amalgerol – 3.5 l/ha, Variant 3 – Fertileader vital – 3 l/ha, Variant 4 – Siapton – 3 l/ha. They were applied at the end of buttoning and the beginning of flowering stage. In order to follow out the effect of those products on the elements of productivity, essential oil content, inflorescences and essential oil yield, the variants were compared to an untreated control (Variant 5). The experiment was carried out following the adopted cultivation technology. The following characteristics were reported: number of tuft inflorescences, length of flowering stem, number of flower nodes, weight of tuff inflorescences, yield of fresh inflorescences – kg/ha, essential oil content – % and yield of essential oil – kg/ha.
Data obtained for the values of the structural elements, the yield and the essential oil content were statistically processed by the method of dispersion and correlation analyses.
The results showed: the structural elements of the yield – number of tuft inflorescences, length of flowering stem, number of flower nodes and weight of tuff inflorescences in the treated variants exceed the untreated control up to 8.9%, 11.3%, 19.34% and 13.6% respectively.
The increase in flower yield in the products used for foliar application was in the range from 69 to 580 kg/ha compared to the control variant. The highest yield was reported in the variant treated with the preparation Siapton 3 l/ha –6280 kg/ha. Compared to the untreated control in foliar fertilization with the tested products was reported an increase in the content of essential oil, and the highest values were when used the product Fertilider vital 3 l/ha – 1.69% to 1.51% for the control variant. The yield of essential oil was with the highest values when used the products Fertileader vital 3 l/ha and Siapton 3 l/ha and exceed the control variant by 18.2%.
Keywords: biostimulants; essential oil; essential oil yield; foliar fer tilizer; inflorescences yield; lavander
Date published: 2022-02-16
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