Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Effectiveness of concentration of rice husk silica extract on growth and yield of sweet corn (Zea mays saccharata Strut)
Budy Frasetya Taufik Qurrohman, Ahmad Taofik, Rifki Ramadhani and Abraham Suriadikusumah
Abstract: Most of the soils in Indonesia are acid soils, which result in low availability of silica (Si) in the soil. Corn is a plant that responds to Si’s availability in the soil so that the application of exogenous Si in corn cultivation is an alternative solution in increasing productivity. This study aims to test the effectiveness of the exogenous Si concentration derived from rice husk silica extract (RHSE). This study used an experimental research method using a randomized block design, consisting of six (6) treatments = without RHSE, B = 10 ml l-1, C = 20 ml l-1, D = 30 ml l-1, E = 40 ml l-1 and F = 50 ml l-1 RHSE. Each treatment was repeated four (4) times to obtain 24 experimental units. Growth parameters and yields observed and measured during the study were: Plant height 6 week after plant (WAP), shoot fresh weight, shoot dry weight, fresh yield with husk, fresh yield without husk, and harvest index. This study’s data analysis methods were analysis of variance and Duncan’s distance test (Duncan’s test) at the 5% significant level. The RHSE concentration of 30 ml l-1 could be used as a solution to increase the growth and yield of sweet corn. The RHSE application effectively increased the yield by 33% higher.
Keywords: harvest index; nutrient uptake; soil acidity
Date published: 2022-02-16
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