Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Methodology of ecological-and-economical assessment of manure disposal systems
Yuri Anatolievich Ivanov, Pavel Ivanovich Gridnev and Tatyana Trofimovna Gridneva
Abstract: The method of ecological-and-economic assessment of manure utilization systems for livestock enterprises of all types of production located in either natural- and-climatic conditions is proposed. Methodology of this method development is based on scientific knowledge on manure cleaning and for use preparing are based, producing organic fertilizers’ quality, and their impact on soil fertility. In addition, the environment’s protecting from pollution’s requirements are taken into account. The proposed method allows on a complex criteria to offer – minimum costs for required amount of nutrients and organic matter per unit area for the planned crop yield, in compliance with environmental protection requirements. The use of science-based manure disposal systems will ammonia and greenhouse gases emissions into the atmosphere significantly reducing, as well as the damage caused by the humus’ losses in soils are up to 700.0 thousand of rubles per ha.
Keywords: manure, organic fertilizer, ecological safety, ammonia emission
Date published: 2022-02-16
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