Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Succession dynamics, quality, and production in improved and natural pastures in Northern Kazakhstan
Gani Stybayev, Nurlan Serekpayev, Hristina Yancheva, Aliya Baitelenova, Adilbek Nogayev, Oktyabr Khurmetbek and Nurbolat Mukhano
Abstract: The field experiments were carried out during 2015-2018 in the Akmola region’s dry-steppe zone, Northern Kazakhstan. The changes in plant species composition were studied to estimate the dynamics of successions in artificial pastures (AP) and partially artificial pastures (PAP) compared to Controls (natural grassland). All AP and PAP plots in all field experiments showed significant plant composition changes and pasture quality improvement compared to the Controls in two studied years. The succession dynamics were stable over the two years of study in field experiments, with a continual increase in the percentage of Poaceae grass species in AP and PAP. The replacement of significant species Agropyron pectinatum (M. Bieb.) P. Beauv to Festuca valesiaca Schleich. ex Gaudin was observed between AP and PAP in all three field trials. Pastures’ biomass production, including fresh and dry weights and post-harvest plant and root remnants, were stable in each field trial over the two years. We concluded that pasture successions develop differently and depend on many factors, including the percentage of plant species and their composition and pastures’ ability to recover after plant harvesting or grazing.
Keywords: motley grass; pastures; plant species composition; Poaceae species; productivity; succession
Date published: 2021-09-14
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