Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Approach to change management to achieve a stronger level of competitiveness of wine companies in Bulgaria
Petar Borisov and Ivanka Popova
Abstract: The effectiveness of strategic management also depends on the skillful management of the changes that occur in the business organization when changing the conditions of the business environment. Change management is an important component in the overall approach to managing the competitiveness of the company. Without initiating and managing change, an organization cannot be effectively adaptable to changes in the business environment. The purpose of the current article is to construct, validate and test in real conditions an approach for change management to achieve a stronger level of competitiveness of companies (based on case of Bulgarian wineries). The approach includes the following elements: (1) identification of the phases of change with a view to studying and managing the change in the wine company and (2) tools for initiating and managing the change, with the help of which to carry out diagnostics of the competitiveness of the wine company and on the basis of it to take steps for realization of organizational change. Once the stages of determination of the wine companies for changes as well as the diagnostic tools have been identified, it is easy to analyze the determinants of change, with a view to effectively managing change and suppressing resistance by staff. The proposed model for diagnosing the determinants below is based on the idea that change is an internal factor that managers can control and use depending on the mode of proactivity to the environment is the wine company.
Keywords: business environment; change management; competitiveness; wine companies
Date published: 2021-09-13
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