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Effects of different doses of plant mega minerals applied to different forage crops mixtures on dry grass crops and some quality criteria
Ayse Calik
Abstract: This study is in Osmanbey village of Şanlıurfa province for two years during the growing seasons has been carried out. The aim was to determine the effects of different doses of mega minerals or plant activators doses on total dry hay quantity and some quality metrics on different proportions of vetch and triticale mixtures. The trial was established in three replication according to the experimental design of split plots to allocate mixture ratios to the main plots, while different plant mega mineral doses to be allocated to the lower plots. For the trial, 60% Vetch, 40% triticale mixture, 7.2 kg/da Adi vetch + 8 kg/da Tacettinbey triticale, while 45% Vetch + 55% triticale mixture, 6 kg/da Adi vetch + 10 kg/da triticale seed ratios were tested. Treatments applied were 12 kg urea and 6 kg triple superphosphate fertilizer. For the mixtures, 45% vetch + 55% triticale and 60% vetch + 40% triticale, mega mineral plant activators fertilizer doses were determined as 0, 300, 600, 900, 1200 g/da but the plant activators were applied in half doses during to growth stages of wheat, the stem elongation and tillering.
According to the results of the 2 years study, it was found that the plant mineral fertilizer doses applied to a different mixture of forage plants had statistically significant effects on dry hay per decare (da) and the yield was 1166.2 kg/da according to the total average of two years. Based on the highest values, according to the average of two years, were 129.4 cm in triticale plant height, 88.1 cm in vetch plant height, 85.48% in dry hay, and 30.54% in dry hay vetch respectively while the raw protein ratio was 13.45%. As a result, it was concluded that the plant activators minerals application increased yield and yield quality significantly.
Keywords: activator; fertilizer; mixture; triticale; vetch
Date published: 2021-08-26
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