Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Investigation of the flux, selectivity and concentration factor during ultrafiltration of goats milk
Siyka Kodinova and Mariya Dushkova
Abstract: Combined effect of the working pressure, the feed flow rate and the volume reduction ratio on the flux during ultrafiltration of goat’s milk with a polyacrylonitrile membrane UF10-PAN through full factorial experimental design was studied. The multi-factorial mathematical model and response surfaces showed that the highest value of the flux was obtained at a high level of the working pressure and the feed flow rate, and low level of the volume reduction ratio. The concentration factors according to the fat content, proteins and mineral substances increased, as the lowest increase was observed with the mineral substances. The selectivity of the membrane according to the proteins achieved 97.93% at volume reduction ratio of 3.
Keywords: concentration factor; flux; goats milk; selectivity; ultrafiltration
Date published: 2021-04-16
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