Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Phytochemical constituents of pressurized liquid extract from Ziziphus jujubа Mill. (Rhamnaceae) fruits and in vitro inhibitory activity on α-glucosidase, pancreatic α-amylase and lipase
Dora Trifonova, Ivanka Stoilova, Andrey Marchev, Petko Denev, Galena Angelova, Anna Lante and Albert Krastanov
Abstract: In the current study the phytochemical composition of extract from Ziziphus jujubа Mill (Rhamnaceae) fruits obtained by pressurized liquid extraction (PLE) was investigated. The phytochemical analysis showed the presence of triterpenes, flavonoids and phenolic acids. The fruit extract had a total phenolic content of 21 ±2.01 mg gallic acid equivalents per g of extract (mg GAE/g extract), and total flavonoid content 2.48 ± 0.24 mg catechin equivalents per g dried extract (mg CE/g extract). This study evaluated the in vitro antioxidant activity of jujube extract and its inhibitory effects on α-glucosidase and pancreatic α-amylase and lipase. The obtained results proved inhibition of α-glucosidase with 70.94% and inhibition of α-amylase with 56.08%. Enzyme kinetic studies indicated that the inhibitors in extract have the most potent inhibition of lipase compared to other two enzymes with inhibitory constant Ki of 0.074 mg/cm3. These results suggest the possible application of extract from Z. jujubа fruits obtained by PLE in the management of metabolic disorders as a whole. These are the first studies on this plant species cultivated in Bulgaria.
Keywords: anti-diabetic; anti-obesity properties; digestive enzymes; phytochemical profile; Ziziphus jujubа
Date published: 2021-04-16
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