Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Variability of meiotic recombination and cytological parameters in F1 tomato hybrids under extreme environmental conditions
Aleksey Samovol, Sergey Kondratenko and Еlena Mogilnaya
Abstract: This paper presents the results of the impact of the environmental conditions in the three regions of the high-mountain Western Pamirs (Vanj, Khorugh and Ishkashim) located at different altitudes above sea level (2300, 2320 and 2600 meters) on the meiotic replicating and transforming functions in the interspecies of F1 tomato hybrids, as well as on the Mendelian segregation displacement and the variability of recombination parameters for linked and unlinked maker genes. Generally, a direct coherence between the frequency of interstitial chiasm, the variability of meiotic recombination parameters and the combined conditions within the specified ecological niche have been determined, in particular: the increased radiation on the experimental site at the soil level and the reproductive organs of F1 hybrid plants, high intensity of solar radiation in the UV, PHAR, IR spectral bands and increased temperature fluctuations during a month and a day.
Keywords: climatic conditions; cytological parameters; F1 tomato hybrids; meiotic recombination; Western Pamirs
Date published: 2021-04-16
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