Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Physiological and agronomic assessment of tolerance to drought of perspective breeding lines common winter wheat
Radoslav Chipilsk and Zlatina Uhr
Abstract: Physiological and agronomic assessments of tolerance to drought of eight breeding lines of common winter wheat were done during period 2015-2017. The aim of the study was to make a comprehensive assessment of the potential of genotypes of common winter wheat to overcome different drought intensities using various types of trials. The highest yield of a micro field trial was recorded for the breeding lines MX 268/1008, МХ 270/50, МХ 270/28 and МХ 270/24. The most intense morphometric indexes of the leaves were taken into account for MX 247/33, MX 270/24 and MX 270/86, while morphological markers for drought resistance were distinguished by the breeding lines MX 268/1008, MX 187/3 and MX 270/24. The most tolerant response to controlled drought in young plants developed in vegetation pot experiments was found in MX 270/50, MX 187/3, MX 268/1008 and MX 270/24. In conclusion the genotypes МХ 270/24, МХ 187/3 and МХ 268/1008 were considered as high yielding and they also showed good physiological performance under drought stress conditions.
Keywords: agronomic assessment; common winter wheat; drought, yield; physiological assessment
Date published: 2021-04-15
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