Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Synergy between the biological factor and the institutional environment in agriculture
Plamena Yovchevska
Abstract: The role of agriculture as a primary sector is defined differently in different times. The importance of this kind of economic activity in the perceptions of the individual, the groups and the society is defined/determined by its role for the existence of man. The idea of agriculture in the minds of both the individual and society as a whole is evolving. Homo sapiens, as the highest biological species, develop and upgrade its ideas about the environment and change its behavior to a natural factor. In the primary sector, this behavior is of existential importance. During the years of development of the societies, the rethinking of the relation biological factor-institutional environment in agriculture is in the direction of creating synergy opportunities with a positive sign. Considering intensification of a number of crisis phenomena, the philosophy of life nowadays is changing. In agriculture, given its importance for the physical health of the population, a number of policies have changed in recent decades in order to create synergies between the biological factor and the institutional environment in which the subjects in the primary sector operate.
Keywords: agriculture; biological factor; institutional environment; synergy
Date published: 2021-04-15
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