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Comparison of changes in structural carbohydrates and enzyme digestibility during vegetation in permanent and temporary grazing pastures
Ina Stoycheva and Viliana Vasileva
Abstract: Pastures are considered as the primary and most economical source of nutrients for herbivores. The purpose of this study was to compare changes in chemical composition, plant cell wall fiber component and in vitro enzyme digestibility of the forage from first growth of natural and temporary pasture. In 2017, samples of both pastures were given from Mid-April in 7 days to determine changes in composition and in vitro digestibility. The average crude protein is approximately the same for both grasses (12.39% and 12.94%) and showed a tendency to decrease from the beginning to the end of the period. The rate of change in CF was more dynamic in temporary pasture, which increased by 49.37%. For the same period, the increase in CF in natural pasture was 40.80%, respectively. NDF content increased from 46.67 to 58.16%, or average by 3.57% units per week in natural grassland, and in temporary pasture by 45.71% to 57.77% respectively, or by 3.68 % units per week. ADF of temporary pasture increased by 4.35% units per week, while in natural pasture increased by 3.57% units per week. ADL in natural pasture increased by 0.974% per week, while in temporary pasture more dynamic changes were found and ADL increased more than twice for 4 weeks. Digestibility reduced at approximately the same rates in both pastures – temporary and natural by 24.21% and by 25.52%, respectively for period of 4 weeks.
Keywords: chemical composition; fiber; in vitro digestibility; natural pasture; protein; temporary pasture
Date published: 2021-02-25
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