Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Chemical and technological characteristics of large leaf tobacco Virginia 0842
Maria Kasheva, HristoBozukov and Yovcho Kochev
Abstract: The study was performed in the region of the town of Parvomay and the region of the town of Dolni Dabnik under production conditions. Assessment was made of the quality characteristics of the resulting tobacco raw materials from a new variety of large leaf tobacco Virginia 0842. The main physical characteristics of the dry tobacco were established. Studies were made of the chemical values of nicotine, soluble sugar, total nitrogen, protein substances, ashes and chlorine in tobacco. The results show high nicotine values to 3.78% and very high content of soluble sugars varying between 12 and 28%.
Keywords: chemical characteristics; new variety; quality characteristics; Virginia tobacco
Date published: 2021-02-25
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