Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Agronomic and qualitative-technological traits of two-row winter barley cultivars
Nikolay Neykov and Sonya Doneva
Abstract: Fourteen two-rowed winter barley genotypes were assessed for characteristics of main agronomic and technological traits which are important for the breeding and production. The study was conducted in the Institute of Plant Genetic Resources – Sadovo, during the period 2014-2016. It was found that in the group with the highest yield were the cultivars Asparuh – 6490 kg/ha and Kuber – 6390 kg/ha. The traits, which contributed positively to PC1 were spike length, grain number per a spike and yield.Considering diversity pattern, agronomic and technological traits researched in this study the cultivars Aparyh, Kuber, Kristi and Potok from first cluster and Orfey, Odisey and Zagorets from second might be selected aspromising genotypes for future hybridization program.
Keywords: barley; barley; brewing qualities; cluster analysis; principal component analysis; yield
Date published: 2021-02-17
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