Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Study on the conversion of energy and protein in fattening of Guinea-fowls up to 16 weeks of age by introducing Clarc of distribution/ transformation
Dimo Penkov and Matina Nikolova
Abstract: The energy and crude protein distribution from fodder to the breast and thigh muscles was calculated. New indexes “Clarc of energy distribution (CED)” and “Clarc of protein transformation (CPT)” were introduced. Fodder consumption was calculated as the difference between the offered fodder and the collected residues, in total for the group. The growth rate for each period (week) was calculated as the difference between final and the initial live weight. In order to equalize to a conventional unit (A), a recalculation of the weight of the breast and thigh muscles on a basis of 1 kg of weight gain was made. The “Clarc’s” were calculated by using the following formula: CED = Total energy content in A/Total metabolizable energy intake for 1 kg growth; CPT = Total (crude) protein content in A/Total (crude) protein intake for 1 kg growth. The following average values for both sexes were established: CDE to the breast muscle – 0.0255; to the thigh muscle – 0.0215; CPT to the breast muscle – 0.0514; to the thigh muscle – 0.0398.
Keywords: Clarc of energy distribution; Clarc of protein transformation; guinea-fowls
Date published: 2020-10-19
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