Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Some endangered healings plants in Bulgaria legislative regulation, protection, characteristic description, application, agricultural cultivation
Iliyana Yaneva, Valentin Balabanski, Tatiyana Karanesheva and Ignat Ignatov
Abstract: The state policy in our country regarding the activities in connection with the protection and the sustainable use of healing plants, their conservation and preservation of protected areas as a special form of protection of local environment, supporting of biological and landscape variety, and improving the state of population of wild flora species, fauna and mycota of forestry territories are regulated from Medicinal Plants Act (2000), Protected Areas Act (1998), Biodiversity Act (2002), Forest Act (1997, 2013). The purpose of current publication is to examine Bulgarian normative documents referring to protection and use of some endangered healing plants with application in our modern and ancient phytotherapy: Liquorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra L.); Rose-root (Rhodiola rosea L.); Yellow gentian (Gentiana lutea L.); characteristic description, industrial application and agricultural cultivation.
There are unique healing plants growing in our country, which have status of „endangered species“. The main negative factor for decrease in their population is their use as healing plants. In order to preserve their natural habitat it is necessary to develop technologies for their domestication and agricultural crop cultivation.
Keywords: agricultural crop cultivation; characteristic description; endangered healing plants; normative documents; protection
Date published: 2020-08-28
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