Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Study of the effect of ultrasonic field in purifying sunflower oil
Petr I. Osadchuk, Dmitry P. Domuschi, Yuriy I. Enakiev, Serhii N. Peretiaka and Andrii P. Lipin
Abstract: An analysis has been made of existing studies in which liquid food products are processed by ultrasonic waves. It was established experimental setup with an ultrasonic generator for the purification of sunflower oil under the effect of the ultrasonic field. A methodology has been developed to determine the optimal frequency of ultrasound, the ultrasound emission power and the time of purification of vegetable oils. The technological parameters of the process of purifying sunflower oil by ultrasonic treatment were determined and experimental process studies were carried out. A basis of experimental data has been developed in the studies of the sunflower oil purification process. In this study the main focus is to determine the technological parameters of the ultrasonic treatment of the raw materials by conducting experimental modeling of the process of cleaning sunflower oil under the action of the ultrasonic field.
Keywords: cleaning process; intensification; magnetostrictive emitter; sediment; sunflower oil; ultrasonic field
Date published: 2020-04-30
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