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Response of Aloe vera to inorganic and organic fertilization in relation to leaf biomass yield and post harvest fertility of soil
Tanzin Chowdhury, M. A. H. Chowdhury, Md. Arifur Rahman, Kamrun Nahar, Md. Tazul Islam Chowdhury and Md. Sirajul Islam Khan
Abstract: The versatile properties of Aloe vera for various purposes have been well documented. Inorganic fertilizer along with organic manure is essential for proper plant growth maintaining soil health. The research was aimed to find out the integrated effects of inorganic fertilizer (IF) and poultry manure (PM) on the growth and leaf biomass yield of A. vera and post-harvest soil fertility along with the economics of A. vera cultivation. Different combinations of IF and PM exerted significant influence on the growth, yield attributes and leaf biomass yield of A. vera. The highest fresh leaf weight (4864 g plant-1), fresh gel weight (2956 g plant-1) and dry leaf weight (420.70 g plant-1) at harvest were obtained from the plant treated with 25% IF and 75% PM whereas the tallest plant (57.14 cm) and highest number of leaves plant-1 (18.33) were identified from the pot treated with IF100PM0. About 153% yield increase over control was noticed from IF25PM75 which was statistically identical with the yield increase of the treatment IF100PM0. Correlation studies revealed that fresh gel weight was significantly and positively correlated with plant height, number of leaves, leaf area and fresh leaf weight. The pH, organic matter, total N, available P, exchangeable K, Ca, Mg and available S, Zn, B contents of post-harvest soil were significantly increased with the increased levels of PM. Based on BCR (Benefit Cost Ratio) value (1.72), IF25PM75 was the best profitable treatment. Farmers belonging to the agro-climatic conditions of the study area may be advised to cultivate A. vera in acid soil applying 75% poultry manure along with 25% inorganic fertilizer for getting maximum leaf biomass yield and benefit maintaining soil fertility and productivity.
Keywords: Aloe vera; BCR; inorganic fertilizer; leaf yield; poultry manure; soil fertility
Date published: 2020-04-30
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