Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Comparative characteristics of soil organic matter in Technosols built with different geological materials and agricultural land use
Plamen Ivanov and Martin Banov
Abstract: Present paper presents a comparative characteristic of soil organic matter in reclaimed Technosols with agricultural land use, differing in their geographical location and type of geological materials. Based on published data, non-humus reclaimed mine spoils were selected from the two largest coal-mining regions in Bulgaria – Maritsa-Iztok (mine spoil Iztok, mine spoil Ovcharitsa and experimental site Galabovo) and town of Pernik (Moshino site). Data for four soil profiles with different post-reclamation period and different crops were compared.
As a result of the comparative characteristic, it is supported the hypothesis for influence of agricultural land use on the fractional composition of soil organic matter in Technosols, which is observed in natural arable soils. It is confirmed the creation of favourable conditions for soil organic matter accumulation in studied Technosols in association with clay mechanical composition and alkaline pH. The correlation in the fractional composition of soil organic matter between Maritsa-Iztok profiles and the difference to Moshino site is probably due to the peculiar conditions under the influence of the type of geological materials and specific climate.
Keywords: agricultural usage; soil organic matter; Technosols
Date published: 2020-04-29
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