Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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The cleaning capacity and productivity of LECA and Floating raft aquaponic filters in an integrated recirculation system
Ivaylo Sirakov
Abstract: The aim of current study was to investigate the effect of periodically flooded LECA® and Floating raft aquaponic filters with water from an integrated recirculation system on its cleaning capacity and productivity of a common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) and lettuce (Lactuca sativa). The aquaponic system contained two types’ hydroponic sub-systems (media bed and deep water culture). The water flow rate in them was maintained at 0.5 l.min-1 and periodically was stopped (every 4 h) for one hour. The influence of pointed flooding regime in both filters on average weight of cultivated carps, water cleaning capacity, as well as lettuce productivity was tested. The periodically flooded with water filters did not affect negatively the cultivated fish in current study. Better cleaning capacity of ammonium nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen and orthophosphate phosphorus in tested water regime was found for LECA® filter and they were lower respectively with 69.2%, 2.77% and 18.7% compared with the average values in these parameters found for floating raft aquaponics filter. The better yield of cultivated lettuce in tested flooding regime was found for LECA® filter and it was higher with 1.3% compared with this found for floating raft system.
Keywords: aquaponics; common carp; flooding regime; lettuce
Date published: 2020-02-27
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