Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Model of forage pea (Pisum sativum L.) cultivar in conditions of organic production
Natalia Georgieva, Valentin Kosev
Abstract: The requirements which the production systems with reduced levels of inputs and, in particular, organic production, impose on the cultivars, present a new challenge in the pea breeding. In the present study a linear regression equation was obtained defining the main traits which should be taken into account when choosing the source material for hybridization and their optimal matching would result in a forage pea cultivar with increased productivity. The results showed that the model for pea plant suitable for organic production conditions was characterized by the following parameters: stem with a height of 75-85 cm, forming 6-7 pods with a total number of seeds 20-25, length and width of the pod respectively 5 cm and 1 cm, and a mass of 1000 seeds in the range of 200-230 g. The cultivars Svit and Kamerton could be recommended as suitable parental components, combining high ecological stability with productivity.
Keywords: pea breeding; productivity; regression model; traits
Date published: 2020-02-26
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