Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Investigation of basic teat morphological structures in cows by different pulsation parameters
Galina Dineva, Kancho Peychev, Ivan Fasulkov
Abstract: An ultrasound study of the basic morphological structures of the teats in lactating cows was performed. The experiments were carried out in different technological conditions of machine milking. The changes in the length and diameter of the teat canal, the teat wall thickness, the teat diameter in the region of Furstenberg’s rosette, the diameter of teat cistern in its middle part and the cistern diameter at the teat base at a different pulsation rate of the milking units are followed. The influence of the type of milking liners on the morphological structures mentioned is analyzed. Summarized results of ultrasound studies of the basic teat morphostructures highlight the functional advantage of tri-circle milking cups with triangular milking liners. The marked advantage is guaranteed in a pulsation rate of 60-65 min-1.
Keywords: milking liner; pulsation rate; teat health; triangular; udder morphology
Date published: 2019-12-31
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