Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Karyology of the Chenopodiastrum s. Fuentes et al. (Amaranthaceae) from Bulgaria
Neli Grozeva, Stefka Atanassova
Abstract: The karyotypes of Chenopodiastrum murale and Chenopodiastrum hybridum were examined for the first time in their Bulgarian populations. Diploid chromosome number 2n = 18 was found. The karyotype of 8 pairs of metacentric and 1 pair of submetacentric chromosomes was established for the C. murale populations. The total length of the chromosomes varied from 1.4 to 2.55 μm. For the populations of C. hybridum the submetacentric pairs of chromosomes were a total of 3 pairs and the metacentric, respectively, were 6 pairs. The total length of the chromosomes varied from 1.42 to 5.7 μm. Clustering of the species based on karyotype features grouped them into separate clusters. Higher values for mean centromeric asymmetry (Mca) is registered for C. hybridum. Idiograms of the studied populations were presented.
Keywords: Bulgaria; Chenopodiastrum; chromosome number; karyotype
Date published: 2019-12-30
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