Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Antimicrobial activity of Amaranthus spp. extracts against some mycotoxigenic fungi
Svetoslava Terzieva, Katya Velichkova, Neli Grozeva, Nedyalka Valcheva, Toncho Dinev
Abstract: Plants, their parts and products have been used to treat diseases andpathogens. The aim of the present study was to test different extracts from three species of genus Amaranthus L. – A. deflexus L., A. retroflexus L. and A. hybridus L. for antifungal activities. The plant extracts (methanol and ethanol) from ground and underground plant parts were tested for antimicrobial activity by аgar well diffusion method. Five fungal strains (Penicillium verrucosum var. verrucosum NBIMCC 2003 NRRL F-143, Penicillium expansum, Fusarium graminearum NBIMCC 2294 IMI 155426, Aspergillus ochraceus NBIMCC 2002 IM-BAS, Aspergillus niger) were used. Antimicrobial activity was evaluated by measuring zones of inhibition of microbial growth surrounding plant extracts in the wells. The most effective extracts, which showed activity against all tested strains of microorganisms, were A.defl exus and A.hybridus ethanol flower extract, A.retroflexus ethanol root extract and A. retroflexus methanol leaves and stem extract.
Keywords: A.hybridus; A.retrofl exus; Amaranthus defl exus; antifungal; extracts
Date published: 2019-12-30
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