Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Effect of nutrition and water regime on the photosynthesis in tomato grown in plastic greenhouses
Antoniya Stoyanova, Miroslava Ivanova, Nikolai Valchev
Abstract: Photosynthesis is the main physiological process and its speed and efficiency determines the tomato productivity. The speed of photosynthesis is strongly related to the irrigation and activity of plants. In order to trace the photosynthetic nutrition of plants under different add fertilization and fertilization regimes, add was a survey to grow tomatoes in plastic greenhouses. The polar regime has been shown to exert a greater influence on the rate of photosynthesis, intracellular CO2 concentration and transpiration intensity compared to fertilization. The highest efficiency of the photosynthesis is observed in 100% irrigation regime without fertilization during the vegetation period. Tomato plants grown with 50% of the fertilizer rate and at irrigated regime reduced to a half water rates are distinguished for good gas exchange efficiency.
Keywords: fertilization; irrigation regime; photosynthesis; tomato; transpiration
Date published: 2019-12-29
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