Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Study of weather conditions influence on the grapes quality and some technological practices on the chemical composition, aromatic profile and organoleptic characteristics of white wines
Dimitar Dimitrov, Tatyana Yoncheva, Vanyo Haygarov
Abstract: The influence of the technological practices of maceration and addition of aroma-releasing enzyme before the alcoholic fermentation on the chemical composition, aromatic profile and organoleptic characteristics of white wines from three consecutive harvests (2013, 2014 and 2015) was studied. The subject of the study were wines from the varieties Dimyat, Aligote, Muscat Ottonel, Misket Vrachanski and Plevenska Rosa, grown in the region of Pleven, Central Northern Bulgaria. The dynamics of grapes ripening and the weather conditions impact on the grapes composition and quality were monitored. Aligote was distinguished by the highest ratio of sugar accumulation, followed by Plevenska Rosa. Grapes from white aromatic varieties were characterized by lower total acidity compared to the non-aromatic. In the conditions of the experiments carried out, the maceration had an influence mainly on the chemical composition of the wines. These variants had higher rate of sugar-free extract and total phenolic compounds, but no higher tasting scores than the control. Positive impact of the maceration and the addition of aroma-releasing enzyme on the ratio of esters and higher alcohols in the samples was observed, but not on the aldehydes concentration. It was not found a strict correlation between the aromatic composition of the wines and their organoleptic characteristics. From the aromatic varieties, the variants containing more esters and fewer aldehydes and higher alcohols have been evaluated higher.
Keywords: aroma-releasing enzyme; aromatic components; maceration; organoleptic characteristics; wine
Date published: 2019-12-19
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