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New solution innovative design with inventive step of a super tall green building made of bamboo: Superskyscraper in Singapore
Yanko Aleksandrov
Abstract: Here is reviewed an innovative solution with inventive step of the authors, concerning a super tall building, made of bamboo which is a finalist of the “Superskyscrapers – Singapore” competition – project № 1000001023 (Aleksandrov еt al., 2014b) The innovation design with inventive step of super tall buildings should be regarded as unity of heterogeneous characteristics – compositional, constructional, technological, ecological, energy, etc.
Compositional characteristics
There are three spherical solids, composed of 2, 3 and 5 volumes respectively (Fibonacci sequence).
Constructional characteristics
The requirement to use bamboo as main construction material has been a prerequisite for the decision on the external design and the geometrical shape as well as the interior of the super tall building. An innovative technical solution for the beams and columns made of bamboo is applied. The kernel of the building is made with the help of a “remaining” bamboo shuttering. The floor constructions are also made of bamboo. Elements for damping of vibrations, occurring in case of earthquakes can also be easily integrated into the construction.
Energy characteristics
Contemporary technologies are implemented in order to optimize the production of energy. Wind turbines are suspended on bent 8-shaped carrying elements, resembling the section of bamboo rods. Also, water turbines, set in motion by rainwater, collected in floor tanks are integrated in the design. Soft wastewater is collected in other floor tanks, whereas a serpentine carries the wastewater in order to warm up and irrigate the root system of the plants in the gardens and green areas present on every floor.
Ecological characteristics (a green system)
Gardens and green spaces are harmonically integrated on every floor.
Keywords: bamboo; innovation design; inventive step; patents; super tall building
Date published: 2019-12-19
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