Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Justification of parameters of seed treater with an eccentrically fixed drum influencing the motion character and seed treatment modes
Ilshat Akhmetyanov, Rim Khamaletdinov, Ildar Gabitov, Radik Musin, Ildar Farkhutdinov, Zinnur Rakhimov, Salavat Mudarisov, Eduard Khasanov, Ilgam Masalimov
Abstract: The examination of the state of the problem shows that the lack of serial treating machines capable of high-quality, high coverage treatment with microbiological preparations prevents the widespread practice of treating seeds with biological products. Among the machines produced, the most suitable for using microbiological preparations are drum-type treaters, in which the distribution of a biological product is carried out using a nozzle, which does not have a detrimental effect on microorganisms. However, the quality of their work, assessed by the coefficient of seed surface coverage with the preparation, does not exceed 70%, which does not meet agro-technical requirements. In this regard, the aim of the work is to improve the quality of seed coverage with a biological preparation with a drum-type treater by improving and substantiating its structural and technological parameters. It was established that in order to improve the quality of the treatment process with drum treaters, a non-stationary mode of moving seeds inside the working drum is necessary. This is realized by eccentric fastening of the drum, which ensures the non-stationary mode of moving seeds relative to the working surface during its operation. As a result, its working surface is most fully used and, as a result, the quality of the seed treatment process is improved. The technique is considered and a mathematical model of seed movement in a drum treatment machine for pre-sowing treatment is proposed, which provides an increase in the quality of the coating. The studies of the seed movement inside an eccentrically fixed drum are carried out. The paper deals with dependences that determine the conditions of relative dormancy and detachment of the seed from the inner surface of the drum. The proposed mathematical model of the movement of a seed inside an eccentrically fixed drum of a seed treater allows its structural and technological parameters to be determined during non-stationary operation.
Keywords: coating quality; drum treatment; machine; non-stationary mode; plant science; pre-sowing treatment; seed movement
Date published: 2019-12-11
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