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Biological quality and preservation of potato under drip irrigation and different fertilizers
Vyacheslav Zakharov, Tatyana Zubkova, Alexey Butov
Abstract: The article states the necessity of obtaining biologically valuable, environmentally friendly and well preserved potatoes grown under drip irrigation. Field experiments were conducted at the agricultural company “CJSC Annenskoe” Voronezh region (Russian Federation). The soil is leached black earth (chernozem). The experiment included 12 variants with different doses and ratios of N:P:K. With the increase in fertilizer doses under drip irrigation from 0 (without fertilizers) to N150P210K180 potato yield increased from 22.1 to 46.1 t/ha. To get tubers with good biological, culinary properties, optimal preservation capacity and the level of yield in the range of 40-44 t/ha, it is necessary to apply N90-120P150-180K120-160 kg/ha of primary nutrient along with mineral fertilizers under drip irrigation with a ratio of N:P:K not less than 1:1.5-1.7:1.3. To obtain environmentally friendly products for nitrate which are used for adult nutrition, it is necessary to prevent the excess of nitrogen level of more than 120 g/ha; for child nutrition – 60 kg/ha of primary nutrient. For obtaining ecologically clean pesticide-free products, we determined periods of potato harvesting. The conditioning period from the last treatment with chemical insecticides till harvesting is 35 days, with fungicides is 20 days, with herbicides depending on the type is 45-65 days.
Keywords: drip irrigation; fertilizer; pesticides; potato; tubers preservation; yield
Date published: 2019-12-10
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