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Variability of morphological characters of collection accessions of perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.)
Jelyazko Vulchinkov, Aneliya Katova
Abstract: The aim of the study is to determine the variability of morphological characters for the vegetative development of perennial ryegrass collection and to make a selection of genotypes for different directions of use – for fodder and ornamental purposes. During the period 2015-2018 in the Institute of Forage crops – Pleven a collection nursery was studied in field non-irrigated conditions on leached black soil, in block method, in 2 replications of a total of 21 accessions of perennial ryegrass, with 50 individual plants each (15 varieties and 6 ecotypes, 11 tetraploid and 10 diploid, from Bulgaria, Belgium, Romania and China).
Mean, minimum, maximum values, standard deviations and variation coefficients for plant height, tuft width at base and top, habitus, number of leaves, leaf length and width, stem thickness, stem number were present. A great genetic diversity was found in the morphological features of the perennial ryegrass collection accessions, both between them and within population. Highest values of variation coefficients (CV) were obtained for plant stems – 43.05%, habitus – 33.85%, leaf length and width – 25.43% and 26.16%, respectively. In the collection the tetraploid varieties have higher plants, longer and broader leaves and more upright habitus, which ensures higher productivity of fodder and for ornamental and amenity purposes are suitable diploid varieties and ecotypes, with lower plants, short and narrow leaves.
Keywords: collection; morphological characters; perennial ryegrass; selection; variability
Date published: 2019-12-06
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