Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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An analysis of farm income in Romanian regions using FADN dataset
Nicola Galluzzo
Abstract: In Romania lots of rural regions have suffered of a severe permanent emigration and poverty even if the level of specialization in crops has influenced the development in rural territories. The aim of this paper was to assess by a quantitative approach the role of financial subsides, land capital endowment and costs in the farm net income of Romanian farms since 2007 to 2016 using the dataset of Farm Accountancy Data Network. The mixed model in a multiple regression model has been able to compare all Romanian regions and different type of farming. Findings have pointed as the level of specialization and the financial subsidies allocated by the Common Agricultural Policy have acted on the development of farm net income in all Romanian regions with significant fluctuation among type of farming.
Keywords: common agricultural policy; decoupled payments; farming type; mixed model; rural areas
Date published: 2020-02-14
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