Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Effect of Prunus laurocerasus L. (Cherry Laurel) Leaf Extracts on Growth of Bread Spoilage Fungi
Y. Sahan
Abstract: Six different extracts (4 solvent extracts and 2 water extracts) of Prunus laurocerasus L., leaf were used to determine the antifungal effect of it on Aspergillus chevalieri, A. flavus, A. fumigatus, A. niger, A. oryzae, A. parasiticus, Fusarium oxysporum, Mucor spp., Penicillium commune, P. islandicum, P. roqueforti, P. solitum, P. verrucosum, Rhizopus oligosporus and R. stolonifer by disc diffusion and micro dilution methods. Statistical results showed that the kind and amount of extracts have a significant effect against tested fungi. The maximal inhibition zone, MIC and MFC values for fungal strains, which were sensitive to extracts of P. laurocerasus L. leaf, were in range of 2-19 mm, 7, 8-500 μg/ml and 15.6-500 μg/ml, respectively. The highest total antifungal effect was observed from ethanol and acetone extracts. Comparing the sensitivity of the fungi to all P. laurocerasus L. leaf extracts, P. verrucosum demonstrated higher resistance than the other test fungi while F. oxysporum was the most sensitive microorganism (p < 0.05).
Keywords: Bread Spoilage; cherry laurel; Extracts; MFC; MIC; Prunus laurocerasus L.
Date published: 2019-10-01
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