Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Basic chemical components, smoking and taste qualities of tobacco varieties grown in different regions of Bulgaria
Yovcho Kochev, Maria Kasheva, Margarita Docheva
Abstract: Bulgarian oriental tobacco is characterized by the unique combination of strong pleasant aroma, beneficial substances and balanced chemical composition forming high-quality content. The aim of this study is to find the quality indicators determining the smoking and taste properties of oriental tobacco varieties cultivated in typical or untypical environmental conditions. The study was conducted with Bulgarian varieties of oriental tobaccos of Ustina ecotype and Dupnitsa ecotype. The tobaccos were grown in the typical and in the untypical regions for the varieties. The content of nicotine and sugars was determined as well as nicotine/sugars balance ratio, which is indicator for balanced tobacco smoke. Tobaccos grown in typical areas are characterized by typical for oriental tobacco content of nicotine and sugars and balanced tobacco smoke. The content of nicotine and sugars in tobacco varieties, grown in untypical region varied in wide ranges, which show a great difference in taste and physiological sensation of tobacco smoke. In order to show the full potential of the variety and its quality properties, it is necessary to cultivate the variety in the regions suitable for it.
Keywords: quality characteristics; regions; tobacco
Date published: 2019-08-27
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